Solar Oven Swede Prairie Baked Venison

Swede Prairie Baked Venison

(by Jon Alness, Zumbro, MN)

1 ½ – 2 lbs venison ½ inch thick (Chops or Steaks) per SPORT pot
16 oz bottle Rosco’s barbecue sauce (famous in southern Minnesota) or you own favorite barbecue sauce

Following the morning duck hunt, approximately 9 AM, stack the venison in one pan not on top of each other but staggered so that about 1/2 of each piece is exposed. This facilitates cooking and absorption of the sauce. Liberally apply the barbecue sauce over the top layer ( ½ – ¾ bottle). Seal pots(s) and the oven lid. Place the oven in the sun facing south (without reflectors). Load shotguns and every one, cook included set out for a delightful afternoon hunting. After 5 ½ – 6 hours, feast on the most flavorful and tender venison you’ve ever eaten.