Blackpowder Guns and Hunting

Blackpowder Guns & Hunting
Winter 2004


Hunters can safely cook tender, flavorful duck, pheasant, venison, elk, and more with sunshine while away from camp. Food put in the SOS Sport can cook unattended because of the Sport’s special design features. It is safe to leave unattended because it is fireless, does not require re-aiming at the sun and does not burn food. It is easy to handle because the Sport weighs only 10 pounds, is compact and is made of materials that tolerate all weather conditions including moisture, freezing, dust, sunlight and heat. Finally, because it can be equipped with optional reflectors for cold-weather cooking, the Sport can be used all year with good sun. Foods cooked in the SOS Sport are ready in two to six hours. They are especially tasty and more nutritious because of the Sport’s slow cooking time, which gives great infusion of flavors.