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The Sport Solar Oven offers the best
price-performance in its class

The Sport has introduced thousands of people to the joy of solar
cooking because it is:

  • large capacity – holds 2 - 3.4 Qt. pots
  • long-lasting
  • efficient
  • highly weather resistant
  • complete kit: oven, pots, thermometer, manual, recipe booklet,
    WAPI (water pasteurization indicator.) (Reflector is optional.)
  • light weight – 10 pounds
  • stable (normal winds cause no problems)
  • low-cost
  • looks great

To use, simply place the food in the pots provided, place the Sport facing the sun and forget it. The sun does the rest. You don’t have to worry about burned food because the cooking temperatures are mild – it’s sort of a solar crock-pot.

Roast stew in potThere is a reflector that increases the amount of sunshine going into the oven. The reflectors are designed for areas far from the tropics when the solar oven competes with cold air temperatures and a lower angle of the sun.

The Sport roasts meats; bakes fish and chicken; steams vegetables; bakes breads, cakes, and cookies. It even cooks rice, beans, lentils and pastas, with only solar energy. Using the natural moisture in meats, fish, and vegetables, the Sport cooks without additional water so all the natural vitamins and minerals are retained, giving food a wonderful rich flavor. See the recipe section on
this site.

Small boy carrying sport
Easy to use, easy to carry (the oven weighs only 10 pounds), wind and weather resistant, the Sport is the perfect addition to camping trips, beach parties, fishing trips, back yard barbecues and everyday cooking. You no longer have to pack heavy and messy charcoal or flammable fluids. Using the Sport keeps the heat out of the kitchen and takes advantage of free sun power.

The Sport weighs only 10 pounds.

Manufactured by the Solar Oven Society (SOS), a not-for-profit organization, each sale of a Sport solar oven helps subsidize ovens for other parts of the world.

The Sport was designed by solar engineers to be used in sun rich but fuel poor areas in the world to improve the quality of life and nutrition of some of the 2.4 billion people who lack adequate cooking fuel and often cook with dung, charcoal or wood, causing illness for women and children.

Women buying SOS Sport solar cookers in Afghanistan
Women buying SOS Sports in Afghanistan.
But the Sport is captivating the U.S. market as well because it is efficient, environmentally friendly, cost effective, fun to use and produces great tasting food.

Kids, boaters, campers and environmentally conscientious people all over the U.S. are using the Sport. It’s a great way to teach children about solar energy and enjoy the tasty results.

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Position Paper on Climate Change

Americas Test Kitchen Solar Oven
NOTE: America's Test Kitchen tested
the Sport solar oven in early spring,
in Boston without using reflectors.

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Diet and

Design Features of the
Sport Solar Oven

The Sport is amazingly effective because of its innovative design features. Here are four of them:

1. State-of-the-Art Insulation

Good insulation is the most critical requirement for a great performing solar oven. The Sport insulation has an excellent R 6.5 value. It is reinforced with glass fibers to protect it from heat degradation and help it resist crushing.

The Sport insulation material will not absorb water. It is composed of thousands of tiny, sealed, air holes that water cannot penetrate. This is a key design feature because moisture is always present in solar cooking as steam and humidity.

2. Exclusive Insulated Top

All solar ovens must let in sunlight. Most designs lack insulation in the lid resulting in heat loss during extended cooking times. The Sport lid is insulated with an innovative, exclusive, 1-inch air gap between the thicker molded lid and the taped on plastic film.

3. No Tip-Over

Tip-over from wind, rough terrain or slope can be a major issue in solar cooking. The broad footprint and low center of gravity of the Sport make it aerodynamically and physically stable.

4. Summer & Winter Cooking Positions

The Sport is designed to cook in two positions: a 60-degree slant for a lower angle sun, (winter) and a 30-degree slant for direct, overhead sun, (summer).

The 60-degree slant happens when the oven is placed on its back, and requires slightly smaller pots than come with the kit.

30-degree (summer)| 60-degree (winter)
SOS facing South-EastSOS facing South-West


I live in the Mountains it was -13 today when I put my stew & biscuts in the solar oven at 8am. By 1:30 pm the stew was done and the biscuts perfect even at 9 degrees outside. The oven never made it to 300 but almost. I am so impressed that I want to buy one for all my family and friends. Thank you so much for this great inexpensive tool.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing the Sport Solar Oven! I absolutely love it! Everything I have cooked in the solar oven has been delicious, and my kitchen did not need to heat up to cook the food. I have roasted chicken, beef, and potatoes with great success. I also baked Barbecue beef ribs that were so tender, the meat fell off the bones.

My latest experiment was baking whole wheat bread. The summer days have been so hot and my kitchen becomes unbearable on baking day. I decided to try my solar oven to bake one loaf. It took 35 minutes to bake and the loaf was beautifully browned and shaped. I feel good after using the Sport Solar Oven for three reasons: first, the food is always delicious; second, I haven't used a single watt of electricity or therm of gas; third, I am self reliant - I do not rely on any company, pipe, mine or tree for preparing my food. Thank you!"

The Sport solar oven serves emergency preparedness needs.

Cook your food without electricity, propane or fossil fuels.

Pasteurize water for drinking - killing ALL harmful water-borne pathogens: bacteria, viruses, cysts, and spores.

(Pasteurization will NOT eliminate chemical toxins or non-biological impurities.)

Let the sunshine perform its preparedness for YOU. Add the solar oven to your emergency preparedness kit and enjoy it year ‘round. You'll be delighted at the taste of the food and the ease of use.


















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