Cabela Article

Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, December 2004

The SPORT Solar Oven is a family-sized solar oven that is good complement to the recreational activities such as camping, boating, picnicking and patio and RV cooking. Very versatile, it roasts or bakes all kinds of meat and fish, steams any vegetable, bakes breads, cakes and cookies, and cooks rice, beans and lentils. The SPORT’s gentle cooking temperature and all-around heat produce wonderfully flavorful and extra nutritious dishes with minimal leaching of nutrients inherent in traditional cooking methods. Purchasing the SPORT also supports distribution of the SPORT in developing countries where cooking over wood fires has led to deforestation and lung disease. The SPORT solar oven weighs only 11 pounds. It can be left to cook without tending, and it won’t burn food. For more information, contact Solar Oven Society at (612) 623-4700;