Solar Oven Baked Fish Fresh Filets

Baked Fish Fillets

This dish showcases how the Sport solar oven infuses the flavors of the ingredients into the fish while maintaining a moist, flaky texture. It is easy to succeed on the first try and cooks quickly in 45 minutes to 75 minutes in good sun. The recipe is for one Sportcooking pot, assuming that another dish will be cooked along with the fish, like corn on the cob, potatoes or another side dish. Since fish cooks faster than most every other food, you will want to start your complimentary side dishes in a second pot in the solar oven before you start the fish.

The Fish
4 each, 1/2 pound, fresh fish steaks, 1–1½” thick (Fish fillets – any shell fish, tuna, salmon or any white meat fish.

If there is any hint of “fishy smell” – follow these instructions:

1. Wash the seafood under cold running water.

2. Soak the fish in acidulated water for 3 minutes. (Acidulated water made by squeezing one-half lemon in one quart of cold water in a glass bowl.)

3. Wash the fish again under cold running water and dry it on paper towels.

The Sauce

  • 2 tbs. butter
  • 2 tbs. fresh lemon juice
  • 1 sprig of fresh, chopped, flat leafed parsley
  • salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

Make the Dish

  1. Place 4 fillets in a Sport Cook pot. Put ¼ of the sauce ingredients on top of each fillet.
  2. Cover the pot(s) and place into the Sport solar oven. Clip the clear lid to the oven. Face the oven toward the sun with the shadow directly behind the oven and relax. Do not open the oven to check for doneness until 45 minutes have passed.

Serves 4.

The fish will be done in 45 – 75 minutes, depending on the sun strength. Serve at once.