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Benefits of the SPORT

Foods are Tastier and Healthier

Chocolate cake in pan & inset of sliceThe Sport cooks almost every type of food: bakes/stews all meats, poultry and fish; steams vegetables; bakes breads, cakes and cookies; cooks rice, beans, lentils, and pasta. It is specially designed to maintain steady, moderate (210-260 F) cooking temperatures that produce tender, tasty and healthy foods without burning. The Sport is like a “solar crock pot.” Because no extra water is added, the flavors and vitamins in the food are not leached out or diluted and flavors blend deliciously.

Also, because food doesn’t burn, “advanced-glycation end products” (AGEs), are not produced and cancer risks are reduced.


The Sport is easy to use. These five, easy-to-use features of the Sport free the cook to work or play:

1. Complete Kit

Sport w/ accessories

The Sport comes with all the accessories needed to cook, except the food! These include:

  • 2 - 3.4Qt. (3.0 L) black, enameled pots with lids
  • 1 thermometer with F & C scales
  • An instruction manual (.pdf) that includes recipes
  • 1 WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator) that confirms when water is safe to drink.

2. Portable

The Sport is easy to transport and store. It weighs just 10 pounds and is only 12 ¼” high by 27 ¼” long by 17" deep.

3. Minimal Re-Aiming

Sport facing east Sport facing west

The Sport can be pointed towards the sun and left unattended for the full cooking duration. Re-aiming is beneficial, but not necessary. Actual cooking time depends on your location within your time zone, and the season. In the winter, and when the sun is at a low angle (for example, in the morning or late afternoon), re-aiming is particularly advantageous.

4. No Burnt Food
Bread in pot

Cooking temperatures in the SPORT are often 210-260 F for locations in the United States, and max out at 300 F in the equatorial regions. The SPORT is designed to get hot enough to cook, but not so hot that food will burn.

5. Wind & Moisture Resistant

The Sport is engineered to withstand the elements. All materials used in construction of the SPORT are impervious to moisture. The broad base of the Sport helps keep it stable in wind.

The Sport Saves Energy and Reduces Pollution

No electricity, wood or fossil fuel is required when cooking with the SPORT. This helps save the environment and reduces pollution. More than 50% of trees cut globally are used for cooking fires. One family cooking with wood produces approximately 7.6 tons per year of CO2 and damaging smoke particulates. The Sport eliminates smoke pollution from cooking.

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Recreational Uses of the Sport

Camping & Hunting

Camping tent w/ sport outside

The Flameless Sport is safe for food preparation in areas where regulations do not permit fires. Camp cooks can start meals, leave the SPORT to do the cooking and go enjoy the great outdoors. Solar camp cooking also saves the time and cost of getting firewood.

Picnics & At the Beach

Sport on picnic table
The Sport weighs only 10 pounds, making it easy to transport to the beach or picnic site, especially compared to charcoal or gas grills.

The Sport is also great for cooking or warming up picnic foods such as hot dogs, brats, buns, baked beans, chicken, ribs, hot dishes and more.

Boating, Sailing & Fishing

Sport on boat deck
The safety of fireless cooking is especially beneficial to boaters. Since the Sport does not have to be precisely aimed at the sun to cook, boaters can secure the Sport in a sunny location and cook while moving. The even, moist temperatures of the Sport bake fish that is “to die for.”

And the construction of the Sport makes it boat friendly too. Its light-weight makes it easy to handle. Its rectangular shape and wide footprint make it stable and easy to stow. The plastic case, acrylic top, closed cell insulation and stainless steel hardware are tough, non-corrosive and not affected by moisture.

Barbecue, Patio and Gardening

Sport next to barbecue
The Sport is handy on the patio for cooking whole meals or for preparing vegetables while grilling or barbecuing. The entire meal preparation can be moved outside, reducing heat in the kitchen.

Virtually everyone loves eating corn on the cob. In the Sport, the even, not-too-hot temperatures produce an amazingly tasty ear of corn, especially when steamed in the husk!

RV & SUV Campers

Sport next to RV
In addition to all the other features and benefits, the tough, plastic outer case and acrylic cover of the Sport easily withstands the bumps, shakes, vibrations and wear and tear in travel and stowage.

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