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The following recipes have been sent in by avid solar cookers who want to share the good things they have discovered when solar cooking. The recipes have not been tested by the Solar Oven Society and we can make no claim for their accuracy. Having said that, we invite web site visitors to send in their favorite solar cooking recipes, with short comments, and we will add as many as we can to these pages. Send us your recipes! Write to

It's a way for all of us to expand our recipe base and experience more good solar cooked food!


Cookbooks and more solar cooking recipes

Eleanor's New Solar Cookbooks by Eleanor E. Shimeall; Cemese Publishers

Solar Cooking- A Primer/Cookbook by Harriet Kofalk; Book Publishing Co.

Solar Recipes
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  Corn on the cob and acorn squash cook easily in a Sport.
 The Sport produces Baked Fish Fillets that are moist, flaky and very very tasty
 The Sport even bakes bread, cakes and cookies, all with power from the sun.
 When fish is baked in a Sport solar oven, the flavors of herbs, lemon juice and butter are slowly infused into the fish, giving it a fresh, rich flavor.
 Fresh vegetables, cooked in a Sport retain all the vitamins and minerals and all the flavor!

Picture of Bill Pots in chefs hatThe Solar Oven Society was blessed with the skills of William K.B. Potts, III, aka "Bill". As marketing director, Bill's 30 years of experience bringing new products to the market is much appreciated. In addition, Bill has a strong avocation in cooking. Just like talented musicians can hear various instruments playing specific melodies as they read the score of music, so Bill can distinctly taste the flavors of recipes by simply reading them. In his solar cooking ventures, he has been kind enough to jot down some of his favorite recipes and share them with the Solar Oven Society.

"I love my solar oven. Now I have time to go down to the river and do my laundry. Now I don't have to breathe all the smoke while I cook my meals. Now my children can go to school."

Maria Teresa
El Jicaral, Nicaragua

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