Solar Oven Society


(by Jon Alness, Zumbro, MN)

4 Wood Ducks or 4 Mallards or 6 Teal, whole
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Season All Season Salt

“The ducks can either be skinned or plucked. I prefer skinned, especially with the SPORT solar oven because the food stays so incredibly moist. Divide the ducks between the Sport pots breast side up. Season to taste. I prefer very light seasoning due to the taste of the duck that is produced by the slow cooking. Cook for approximately 5-6 hours (without reflectors). Time varies due to size of ducks and time of year. You will find that the tenderness and taste of the ducks cooked in the Sport, in this fashion, are incredible.” Alness says.

The Sport can perform this same cooking magic on almost all types of game, fish, domestic meats, vegetables, grains, beans, breads etc.

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