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"I am legally blind with some other physical challenges and live on a fixed income. These conditions have limited my ability of using a regular oven and stove forcing me to rely mostly on a microwave oven for daily cooking. My choices of foods has dwindled due to allergies and keeping kosher since processed foods are too costly for my budget.

I first saw a model of the SOS Sport solar oven at Solar Cookers International in Sacramento, California and had to have one. The oven arrived in one week after ordering. It came with easy to follow instructions with some sample recipes.

The Sport has opened up a whole new world for me.

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It is so user friendly! I have gained more independence in my “kitchen” and am now free to choose what I want to eat. I buy in bulk and cook from scratch, something I haven’t been able to do for years. The money saved in two months has more than paid for the cost of my oven purchase. Since the oven includes room for two cooking pots (these come with the oven), I can heat up lunch while my dinner is cooking.

When the oven lid is removed the sides aren’t hot like a conventional oven. I am able to “feel” for my pots (wearing oven mitts of course!) without danger of burns. Just wipe cleaning is so easy with a soft cloth. Since the food cooks so evenly they wash easily also.

This oven is so convenient. I put a turkey breast half in one pot and Spanish rice in the other. I set them outside at 9:30 a.m. I went to medical appointments all day only to return to an already cooked dinner. I was leaving after my appointments to visit my family. At 4:00 my meal was ready to take to their home – 1½ hours away. When we arrived, my dinner was still piping hot! My mom was impressed! She wondered how I would pull of having dinner done while we were gone all day. I would not have done this on my regular kitchen appliances.

In California we have had energy shortages that have resulted in rotating blackouts. No power? No problem! My sport kept on cooking! I had a nice barbeque chicken one evening and salmon fajita over brown rice another night. This conserved energy, lessened the need for air conditioning on the 102 degree summer days, and cut down our air pollution that often reaches unhealthy levels.

It’s also fun and draws quite a crowd during community cookouts. I’ve also decided when I am able to go camping I will take my solar oven. Often we aren’t allowed to start a campfire (even for cooking) in forest areas and campsites due to high risk of forest fires.

I have found truly a spiritual flavor when the Creator cooks my food with the sun. It’s beyond words. It’s as if heaven and earth meet. The body is nourished and the soul is filled with light."

Sacramento, California



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